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KSAB Distributors

Some of our distributors have exclusivity on certain products and certain markets, some markets are open for anyone. Contact us if you want to know more.
The exclusive rights for KSAB SprinklerTrim (2024) are held by: Golden Pro:Finland, Golfkontor: Germany/Austria, SIBE Golf: Switzerland, Duchell: Benelux/France/Italy and DayLinks: Great Britain/Ireland. Outside Europe, Par Aide is the manufacturer of the SprinklerTrim, then called Accuform Accutrim.

GHG Golfkontor Handels GmbH - Germany & Austria. www.golfkontor.de
SIBE Golf AG - Switzerland. www.sibeag.ch
Golden Pro OY - Finland. www.goldenpro.fi
PGM A/S- Norway. www.pgm.no
Daylinks Golf Course Equipment - Great Britain & Ireland. www.daylinks.co.uk
Par Aide Products - USA. www.paraide.com

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